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– Commodity Trade Mantra – http://www.commoditytrademantra.com – How the Blockchain and Gold Can Work Together Posted By Rajesh J. Shah On February 1, 2016 @ 7:49 pm In Bitcoin,Gold Trading | No Comments   How the Blockchain and Gold Can Work Together A look into monetary history shows that people, when given freedom of choice, opted for precious metals as money. This doesn’t come as a surprise. Precious metals have the physical properties a medium must have to serve as legal tender: They are scarce, homogenous, durable, divisible, mintable, and transportable. They are held in high esteem and represent considerable value per unit of weight. Gold fulfills these requirements par excellence, and this is why it has always been peoples’ first choice in terms of money. Gold has proven its merits as money for millennia; it is the ultimate means of payment. More recently, gold has been replaced by the state’s unredeemable fiat money — for reasons rather more political than economic. The state prefers money whose value can be altered at will — say, to influence overall demand, redistribute income, and to benefit some at the expense of the many. Gold money stands in the way of such machinations. Fiat money doesn’t. On the contrary, fiat money can simply be printed up; can be created out of thin air. Fiat money has serious economic and ethical drawbacks, though. It is chronically inflationary, widens the gap between poor and rich, triggers boom-and-bust cycles, and compounds the economy’s debt burden. Most important, a fiat money regime allows the state to expand actually without limit, over time potentially transforming even a minimum state into a maximum state at the expense of individual liberty and freedom. In the wake of the most recent financial and economic crisis of 2007–2008, many people have become concerned that their savings, mostly invested in fiat-denominated bank accounts and bonds, could be devaluated. This has prompted a search for “good” money. Somewhat new to the mix are the digital currencies, most famous of which is the virtual unit “bitcoin.” It is a digital currency generated by decentralized, internet-based computers rather than a central authority. Transactions through digital currencies such as bitcoin are confirmed, or validated, by a decentralized consensus system that uses a “blockchain.” The latter is essentially a public digital ledger, an account statement for transactions among computers. The blockchain is saved on many computers so that it is practically impossible to manipulate. In the case of (more…)
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This is the basic information about the global economy. We all know that the global currencies, fiat currencies all of them, are going to collapse. If the currency budget bill in congress passes as it stand and the Dodd Frank bill is gutted, this will represent the first domino in the chain of events toward collapse. Watch this course. There are 24 clips from 2 minutes to 20 minutes long. You’ll be glad you did. The Crash Course has provided millions of viewers with the context for the massive changes now underway, as economic growth as we’ve known it is ending due to depleting resources. But it also offers real hope. Those individuals who take informed action today, while we still have time, can lower their exposure to these coming trends — and even discover a better way of life in the process. We’ll show you how.   Prepare your financial self and buy gold and silver now. Buy Gold Here Buy Gold Here Share this:FacebookLinkedInTwitterGoogleTumblrPinterestReddit (more…)
Apr 272011
http://www.thestreet.com/print/story/11092559.html Marco Hague 04/25/11 – 11:27 AM EDT Individual currency trade has lagged behind global market momentum which has seen an Easter bank holiday weekend that has managed to push precious metal and commodity markets higher. At the same time there has been consolidation in global equity trade, with the dollar index holding above major technical support at 74.00. Major currency pairs are showing U.S. dollar weakness and starting to get aligned with S&P 500 futures trade which in the near-term is repairing the historical inverse correlation that has the dollar index moving in the opposite direction to equity trade. The signal to get short the dollar index from 75.40 that hit a target of 74.50 has now completed its short cycle, and traders will now be waiting for a new signal to form. As noted in recent client notes, the dollar index is doing well to hold support at a time when global commodity markets are testing $50 an ounce on silver, $1520 an ounce on gold, and $113 a barrel on crude oil. The battle to re-value individual regional currencies, and the trench warfare insuring between central banks, has allowed near-term currency charts to become very reactive to price movement at the beginning and end of each of the three main major market open and closes. 20:00, 02:00, and 10:00 ET are now the three times that new momentum signals are likely to form on forex and futures contract trade. The choppy and overlapping near-term currency charts may have an opportunity to break a range on the Monday U.S. trading session, as automated algorithm trade takes advantage of a bank holiday across central Europe. Forex traders should however be banking and early and often with anything taken on Monday, and looking for mid-term charts confirmation that global market momentum is going to be strong enough to take the dollar index down to test record lows around 72.00. Overnight global commodity trade has confirmed that the move into precious metals, as a replacement for the manipulation being undertaken in the value of the U.S. dollar as the global currency reserve, shows little sign of weakening. It is obvious that there is no direct currency equivalent to the U.S. dollar as a free-floating reserve asset class, that can be held to balance regional money supplies, but there is however massive momentum into the move towards the basket of precious metals that (more…)