Mar 132009
Republished from Online Best Twitter has become an incredible tool not just for communication, but for improving your life. College students can use it to expand their social circle, promote their side business, keep their coursework organized, and more. Whether you want to achieve your Twitter goals, or just use it as a tool to achieve others, these tools will help you get there. Twitter Analysis If your goal is to be popular and influential on Twitter, be sure to check out these tools that will tell you how you’re doing. Twitter Grader: Learn your Twitter grade, your local Twitter Elite, and find new people to follow through Twitter Grader. Twitterholic: Check out the top Twitter users and find out your Twitter stats on Twitterholic. TweetStats: TweetStats offers a graphical analysis of your Twitter stats. Twitter Friends: Carefully measure your Twitter conversations using Twitter Friends. Twinfluence: Twinfluence will measure your Twitter influence based on reach, velocity, and social capital. Tweetwasters: Find out how much time you and other users waste on Twitter. Tweet-Rank: Learn about the quality of your tweets by finding out which ones won or lost followers. Mr. Milestone: Get a tweet when you reach various milestones using this Twitter tool. Retweetrank: Find out how many retweets you and other Twitter users have through this service. Information Gathering With these tools, you and gather information for market research, blog posts, and your own simple curiosity. Tweetbeep: With Tweetbeep, you can set up alerts that will help you keep track of keywords on Twitter. @myflightinfo: Use @myflightinfo to stay updated on your flight’s status. Twitterverse: Check out archived timelines and tweets through Twitterverse. Twitscoop: Twitscoop shares what’s hot on Twitter at any given moment. Twitbuzz: Twitbuzz tracks the latest conversations as well as popular Twitter links. StrawPoll: Use StrawPoll to make sharing your opinion as easy as sending an @reply. Retweetist: This service ranks the hottest links being retweeted on Twitter. Monitter: Get real time keyword monitoring on Twitter from Monitter. TweetNews: TweetNews ranks stories based on the amount of related tweets. TwitterBuzz: TwitterBuzz will tell you what’s being linked to the most on Twitter. Tweetscan: Set up Tweetscan to make sure you don’t miss any @replies, and to get alerted of your search queries. Network Building & Management Find more relevant Twitter users with the help of these tools. Twitter Local: With this service, you can (more…)
Oct 192004
      F. William Engdahl is an award-winning geopolitical analyst, strategic risk consultant, author, professor and lecturer. He has been researching and writing about the world political scene for more than thirty years. His most recent works trace the strategies and events that led to the rise of the U.S. as an international superpower. He describes the emergence after 1945 of an American power as a new kind of Empire not based upon sole military occupation of land, but control of vital resources. Discussed are the origins and aims of GMO – Control of food by Globalist Criminal Corporations. Share this:FacebookLinkedInTwitterGoogleTumblrPinterestReddit (more…)