Jan 092015
My point about gold and silver is that throughout the history of mankind’s commercial interaction, they have been money. Every attempt to do away with them as money has failed as indeed the current attempt will. In 1971 the dollar was worth one thirty-fifth of an ounce of gold now it’s worth about one 1800th of a dollar. The dollar has lost a lot of value and so there is a lot of risk attached to the dollar. I’d rather own gold than own a paper currency because at least I know that the supply of gold continuously grows by no more than one or two percent a year. Where as the supply of a paper currency can grow infinitely if the government wants it to. There’s no limit on how many zeros the government puts on the bill it’s creating. Gold is holding its value. Today gold can buy the same goods and services that it did 10 years ago. If you had ten thousand dollars in the year two thousand, could you take that same ten thousand dollars today, even after a recession, and buy the same goods and services, you can’t. A dollar today is a dollar tomorrow the dollar value is not going to change but what changes is the buying power, what can you buy with it. I think over time if you compare the purchasing power of the dollar or any other fiat alternative for that matter to gold, gold wins. Gold is a better store value and it protects your purchasing power better than fiat currencies Gold and silver may not be official currencies, but they are still the only real and honest form of money. Protect yourself and your financial security. Buy gold and silver now, there is nothing like having these metals in-hand. Buy Gold & Silver Online & Get Free Shipping At CBMint.com! Safe, Secure Transactions! Click Here! Share this:FacebookLinkedInTwitterGoogleTumblrPinterestReddit (more…)