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I am Mike Prettyman.

I am an information professional and as such, I am a systems and applications expert (GEEK!), a researcher, writer and philosopher of nature.

I have spent all of my adult life in the computer industry, over 45 years. I’ve practiced almost every aspect of the industry; repair, programming, information management, information engineering, application analysis and development. I have been on the Internet since ’94 and computers since ’65.

I love the field of Internet Marketing and the Systems available to use and I have dedicated a great part of my business to these systems. I have had the most amazing experiences learning to market online with some of the technologies and “automatic” marketing systems and the associated products.

As a technogeek I was data centric, only looking at the data not the people. That little realization was very powerful. I needed to stop talking to the system and start talking to the people!

The only way to do this is by starting conversations, being yourself and doing what is comfortable. I’m most comfortable in a simple easy conversation. I market through my blogs just talking and discussing business and money, the . IBOtoolbox is comfortable for me in that way.

My business, NetDirectBusiness, is a global ecommerce business, facilitating buy/sell transactions and funding for humanitarian projects. NetDirectBusiness is an independent representative of Karatbars International and Financial Halo.

This blog is the ‘center’ of a closed network of marketing blogsites dedicated to information about (well, most of the time) selected products and services. In these various blogs I discuss what it is that I am doing in the business world. These blogs are dedicated to presenting research I do on business and the global economy, these are my interests and I welcome your comments and articles.

Anchor Blog: http://blog.netdirectbusiness.com

Drop in and visit but be aware there is nothing but information and it is always changing.

Keep moving forward, no fear!

Be successful everyone!

If there is some way I may be of assistance, Please contact me.

I wish you infinite abundance, wisdom, power and true joy!



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