About NetDirectBusiness


Business Survivability through the use of Digital Currency.

This blog is the ‘anchor’ of a closed network of marketing websites dedicated to Digital Currency selected products and services that are appropriate.

Here I will discuss what it is that we are doing to be successful with our Digital Currency.

I will be profiling the process of creating a Digital Currency and the systems and techniques I am using and those of others that are willing to come online to tell us what they are doing.

I will be publishing my own video content.

I will report on and interact with the digital currency businesses and products that are considered “usable and “redeemable”.

This is the cumulation of four years of research and the creation of a twenty three thousand word prospectus on “How To Create Your Own “Crypto Currency”.

I plan on documenting the use and evolution of Digital Currency. I consolidate information effecting global digital commerce issues that I consider as critically important for “money sustainability”.

My discussions and presentations are dedicated to the premise that “Information Is Your Guide”. I am bringing the best information about issues and events from around the world here for your review.

I will be reporting your opinions and requests .

For the sake of business, I wish you well

Mike Prettyman


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