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April 6, 2014 — (TRN) — Americans are guilt-tripped over driving “gas-guzzler” vehicles, but it turns out that our own government is preventing ultra-high-mileage vehicles from being sold here; even though some are BUILT here! With mileages of 50 MPG, 75 MPG, 180 MPG and even 300 MPG, the government says these vehicles “don’t meet American standards” but they’re  fine for Europe — which has standards even higher than the US.  The real reason these vehicles cannot be sold in the USA is money: if Americans were allowed to buy these high-mileage vehicles, the government wouldn’t get as much money from fuel taxes as they get now and their oil company campaign donors would lose billions in profits.   So who makes these super-high-mileage cars?  BMW, Toyota, Nissan, Volkswagen.   Now read more to find out what the rest of the world can have, but we Americans cannot. . .
The following report is intended to be a wake up call for the American people. There are no tricks here, such as quoting imperial gallons, referencing tiny cars, electric cars, or even hybrids. These cars are straight up 50 plus mile per gallon winners which are banned for sale in the U.S. If you think you can bring one home, think again. In America such cars are allowed a 30 day visit upon crossing the border, after which if they are found on American soil they get impounded and if not immediately shipped out of the country thereafter they are destroyed.
The U.S. government quotes as a reason for such behavior that said cars are “not up to American standards”. But what about Europe, where they are allowed? European standards are every bit as high as American standards, (BMW vs Ford) but by a simple declaration from the government, the American people turn their nose and say if it is not up to American standards we do not want it here. Yet under all of this is a damning reality – there is nothing wrong with these cars other than the fact that they are too efficient and will reduce corporate profits as a result.
Lets get started
With a combined mileage of 52.8 U.S. mpg and an even higher highway mpg, the Urban Cruiser SUVcrossover by Toyota, which is a European version of the Scion XD features front wheel drive for the ultimate mileage and if you are willing to sacrifice and get the 4 wheel drive version, you will suffer in life with a combined mileage of 48 mpgHighway mileage is considerably higher which will help make any vacations enjoyable. Al Gore is not happy with this one, so you can forget about it in the U.S.

With a highway mileage of 56 mpg per U.S. gallon, the Nissan Qashqai SUV crossover would be sure to make any carbon tax junkie shiver with dread. Fortunately the American version delivers only 26 highway mpg (22 combined) so the local carbon tax tyrant can rest easy. I would like to ask HOW ON EARTH the difference could be so huge. True, the ultimate mileage is compliments of a diesel engine but that cannot account for such a severe mileage cut. The American version has got to be intentionally de-tuned to deliver horrific comparable mileage. And that is not the end of it, on E85 fuel (Ethanol mix) which is rapidly being forced on the American people, the mileage drops to an amazingly low 18/23which is not only good for the oil companies, it´s damaging to the U.S. economy which would be better off having that money go toward house payments and durable goods. This much of a difference in efficiency between U.S. and European versions is not happening by accident, it can only be intentional economic sabotage.
And now, the punch line
This is the 261 MPG Volkswagen. Yeah, that station wagon above, delivering 65 U.S. MPG, looks pretty good for an American family, but 261 mpg is pretty tempting. Perhaps I’d spring for it, and certainly if I managed to get one into Mexico it would not get crushed. But don’t even think about approaching the U.S. border with this one, if 65 MPG from a large station wagon will get your car taken away by the FED, this bad boy would land you in prison.
It ended up getting ridiculed for only achieving a combined mileage of 160 MPG in U.S. gallons (192 combined in Imperial gallons), but come on now, at that point, WHO CARES. Even at 160 MPG combined, which means the highway mpg is well into the 200’s, this particular car exposes the fuel mileage lie so harshly that there is absolutely no recovery or hiding from the truth, even Europeans are getting scammed at 65 mpg while Americans are getting more than raped.
How long are Americans going to continue to tolerate a government that can’t even be honest about fuel economy, all the while that same government back-stabs the American psyche with illusions of wastefulness?
64 U.S. mpg Seat Toledo by Spanish automaker SEAT
If you take the time to wade through all the censorship, you will eventually discover that there are over 20 full sized cars, including 10 SUV’s that get combined mileage figures over 50 U.S. MPG, and that’s not counting econoboxes.
Even Renault has a 4 door hatch back that gets over 80 combined imperial MPG and pushes well over 100 imperial mpg on the highway. ( Megane expression pictured above.) This equates to 65 US MPG combined, 85 mpg highway, and though it is not a full sized car, it could hardly be called an “econobox”.
Americans need to stand up and demand the government to stop censoring search results to prevent Americans from learning the truth elsewhere. Americans need to stand up and call the government on the carpet over the lies that “40 MPG can be achieved in the future” all the while even American car companies such as Ford are producing 65 plus MPG cars for sale on foreign markets right on American soil. Take a look at the image below of the Ford ECOnetic; it’s made right here in the USA but at 65 MPG, cannot be sold here.

If there is any “conspiracy” you could use to wake Americans up, it is this one, these cars are real and not just a bunch of blurry UFO photos. You cannot let the truth slip away on the basis of “the cars not being up to American standards”, especially when those standards are forced to include having always on cell connections to every car.  There is nothing better about American “improvements” or “standards” that is in any way more beneficial to the people than the European counterparts, I’d take a fuel economy improvement over that ANY DAY

(The original article and pictures are from the NESARA_REPUBLIC NOW-GALACTIC NEWS April 6, 2014)


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