Jan 012015


Privacy is not an option, and it shouldn’t be the price we accept for just getting on the Internet.”
Gary Kovacs

How many computers were hacked this year? Good questions, right?

Scary cybersecurity news has dominated the headlines constantly this year, with hacks and penetrations, involving Home Depot, Heartbleed, iCloud, Target, Sony and others – banks don’t report the number of times they were hacked.

The experts say the attacks will only continue in 2015. But I believe there’s an important opportunity to this amazing year of hacking: the publicizing of a long-overdue conversation about the potential attacks that threaten everyone online.

Ok, I decided to do a search for the answer. My search was quite revealing no one gives up there real numbers and the information I ‘encountered’ was for the most part BS.

Hence the psyops operatives engage.

A Forbes article from a year ago stated that there were 30,000 computers hacked every day. On year later, I think the the rate is up exponentially to around 300,000 every day but the real numbers are probably staggering and they do not want you to know.

I say that because searching for that number is like chasing the proverbial “pot of gold”, know one gives the actual numbers, Target, now Sony are two recent examples. Have they said how many? Or by whom?

“They” will point to and do point to a convenient boogyman this time its North Korea, last year it was Russia or China or somebody, maybe even the NSA. Here is an interesting revelation:

The US corporate government, for its part, has been on the warpath against North Korea for some mysterious reason. The entire US State Department story about Sony pictures being hacked by North Korea is a case in point. According to IT experts the hacking attack blamed on North Korea could only have been carried out by somebody inside Sony’s US headquarters. As one expert put it, “The Sony breach was an inside job. 100 terabytes of data is too big to transmit over the Internet. At top broadband speeds it would take 661 days at top US speed and, 2,315 day to transmit to S. Korea (and general Asia Pac Rim) at their top transmission speed.”Now the US is trying to indict North Korea for human rights abuses, possibly to deflect world attention from its own widespread use of torture.”
Posted virally by every intelligent person that can.

I have been hacked. I don’t know who did it, but I know when it happens. I have 50 years working with computers and information, believe me, I know when it happens.

Enough! I give up and I give it all up

I’m tired of the anti-whateverI need” to protect myself from the cyber warfare that is being propagated, only to realize it has all been compromised anyway. I‘m tired of thinking about “who’s listening” during every business call or text or email, I don’t want anyone not part of my business in my business.

The solution I found is in Iceland, I’m going unseen on the Internet.

I moved all of my business communications to Iceland.

I’ve taken the steps to upgrade my online security and I started by opening a free account with Unseen. They’ve got secure email, calling and chat, and hosting in Iceland.

Their service provides privacy and security for messaging, email and calling. They offer a website, mobile apps and desktop clients that all work together to help you securely communicate wherever you are.

Why do I need this service?

I value my privacy and if you value your privacy and security, then you need a service that protects your communications. Most email and chat applications don’t have very robust security, are commonly hacked, and most parse your messages to target advertising and for other (secret) purposes.

It has also been recently revealed that they, the social networks, have been handing over data in bulk to various spies and agencies (NSA).

Additionally, even if you don’t have an account on a web-based email service, when you send a message to someone who does, that service reads your email and creates a profile on you and stores and shares that information, too.

Unseen is different. They use very strong security to stop hackers and spies and never, ever read any of your messages. Only you keep the security key to your information with Unseen.

Private and Secure. Messaging, Calling, Email and Hosting. From Iceland. The Unseen Premium account offers 2GB of message storage, which is far beyond the 100MB of our free accounts.

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You’ll feel better about the things you talk about.