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Transcribed by David Hyde. Original Content Created, Published to YouTube by Ben Davidson (Suspicious0bservers) on October 9th, 2014 – ‘EARTHSPOTS: Storms and Earthquakes.‘ (0:01) Folks, the Earthspot hypothesis will not be able to be ignored for long…for months we’ve documented and explored the similarities between Sunspots and Earth’s storms.

(0:11) Here, we call those the ‘Earthspot’ connections. The similarities are astounding: just like Sunspots connect with magnetic fields in the solar atmosphere, and often release solar flares, our atmosphere likely has similar connections waiting to be found.
(0:26) And even Earth releases its own version of a Flare from strong storms when a Terrestrial Gamma Flash, or a Sprite, occurs.

(0:33) Just like we see tsunamis on the Sun during some major solar events, the correlation between Earthspots and earthquakes has been uncanny.

(0:42) And now, we’re starting to get more proof. In the last year there have been two independent studies confirming that Earth’s powerful storms play a role in seismic events.
“As a result of comparison of geophysical field variations and seismic activity of the Earth we have found the evident correlation between lithosphere-atmosphere interactive disturbances, tropical cyclone activity in the world ocean, and seismic processes in the solid Earth. The found correlation can be interpreted as appearing to increase in amplitude the wide-band oscillations disturbed by typhoons and hurricanes which together with quasi-static pressure loading on the ocean bottom provoke powerful earthquakes through triggering effect. The spatial and temporal tracks of tropical disturbances are coupled with place and time of occurring earthquake Investigation of the observed phenomena and deployment the detailed interaction mechanisms of the atmosphere, lithosphere, and other adjacent geospheres would give a chance to find the regularity and origins of such natural disasters as earthquakes and hurricanes” (Dubrov M N, Volkov V A, and Goloachev S P 2014).

“Ocean storms on seismic records reveal coupling mechanisms between Earth’s spheres. We analyzed temporal and spatial signatures of ocean storms on seismic records in the South China and East China Seas…Our work clearly exhibits how effectively local ocean events are coupled with the Earth’s lithosphere in …read more

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